Monthly New Pictures

New Photos, June 2020 (and Why I Didn’t Shoot Much This Month)

So, Where’d You Shoot This Month? I’m afraid that I didn’t do a lot of shooting in June.  As a result, I only have four …

Monthly New Pictures

New Photos, May 2020

So, Where Did You Shoot This Month? In May, I got to photograph in two places that I’ve never been to before — the Staten …

Monthly New Pictures

New Photos, April 2020

So, You Went Out to Photograph? Yes, I went out.  I made sure to wear to a mask and engage in proper social distancing. Fortunately, …

New York City

The Oasis In The Middle of New York City

Canon 6D MkII, 135mm, f/22, three exposures centered on 1.6 seconds, ISO 100. Is this some remote wooded paradise? Nope, it’s Central Park, smack dab …

Top 10 Yearly Review

Yearly Top 10 – 2019 In Review

As I do every year, I’ll be following the advice of Jeff Harmon (the man behind the excellent PhotoTaco podcast) and posting my Top 10 photos for …

Top 10 Yearly Review

2018 Top 10

2018 Top 10 Once again, I’ll be following Jeff Harmon’s advice and posting my Top 10 photos for the year. Going back and reviewing your …


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